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XVNVGB Tactical Grip Glove Sleeve Sweat Resistant Rubber Grip Soft Silicone Non-Slip Reduce Recoil Hunting Grip for Glock 17 19 20 21 22 23 25 31

  • SMALL GRIP, GREAT EFFECT! :Don’t look like a small grip, but when you perform special activities, the grip sleeve is in the palm of your hand and mixed with sweat, it will definitely reduce the stability of your equipment, and the excellent wear-resistant and sweat-resistant grip can minimize it. The recoil of the equipment is more stable.
  • MADE OF HIGH-QUALITY RUBBER:Suitable for Glock 22 20 Grip made of high quality rubber-silicone synthetic material, the excellent wear resistance of rubber, and the skin-friendly feel of silicone, so that you can better hold your equipment and improve maximum stability.
  • ERGONOMIC PERSPIRATION HOLES: In order to consider the complex environment in special activities, we deliberately punched the position where the grip is most prone to sweating, so that your palm will not have extra during friction with the grip sleeve sweat hurts your hands