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Universal Pistol Magazine Loader Fits 9mm Luger,10mm .357 Sig.40.45ACP, and .380ACP Caliber, and 1911 Magazines

Drop in rounds easily with no finger pushing or pressing required – Designed to protect your thumbs and fingers and magazine while in use – Convenient pocket-sized design
Spring loaded wings give more stability for smaller magazines than competing products
Loading rounds becomes enjoyable rather than a pain in the neck. Can load rounds as fast as 1/second
Universal design for single and double stack pistol mags – Made from hardened steel parts and super strong glass filled nylon frame
Compatible with most types of pistols such as the 9mm Luger, .357 Sig, 10mm, .40, .45ACP, and .380ACP caliber, and 1911 magazines, as well as all single and double-stack magazines