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Dremel 1/4 Shank Chuck Collet Adapter For 1/8 Rotary Tools

Extra LARGE keyless chuck that is usable on many Dremel devices. MANY people have asked me for something like this. In fact, even a few customers have mistakenly bought my Dremel Adapter thinking it would do what this device does. I know I offer a tool to run Dremel bits on your 1/4 inch power tools such as air and battery powered die grinders; but I’ve had over a dozen people ask me if I make or can I make a device to run 1/4 inch bits on the Dremel. Well here it is.


The Mega Chuck is like the chuck that Dremel offers; but bigger. The Mega Chuck allows you to swap between quarter inch tools to regular 1/8th inch Dremel tools; and every size in between and smaller.