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Diamond Burr Rotary Tool Set

Impeller: 3x12mm, 5pcs; 3x15mm, 5pcs; connecting rod, 1pc
Grinding burr: cylindrical shape: 3x6mm, 3x8mm, 5pcs for each; rounded cylinder: 3x6mm, 3x8mm, 2pcs for each (Grit 60)
T shape E needle burr: 3x6mm, 4pcs (Grit 60)
Fine sand shape burr: 3x6mm 6pcs; Needle: 2pcs (Grit 150)
Diamond Disk: 20mm 2pcs; 30mm 2pcs, with 2pcs connecting rods.
Great for filing glass, ceramics, tile, brick, fiberglass, stone, rock carbide, gold, platinum, silver, metals, and anything with a hard surface. Also fit and easy to install on Dremel rotary tools 4000, 4200, 8220, 3000