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  • Dremel 1/4 Shank Chuck Collet Adapter For 1/8 Rotary Tools

    Extra LARGE keyless chuck that is usable on many Dremel devices. MANY people have asked me for something like this. In fact, even a few customers have mistakenly bought my Dremel Adapter thinking it would do what this device does. I know I offer a tool to run Dremel bits on your 1/4 inch power tools such as air and battery powered die grinders; but I’ve had over a dozen people ask me if I make or can I make a device to run 1/4 inch bits on the Dremel. Well here it is.   The Mega Chuck is like the chuck that Dremel offers; but bigger. The Mega Chuck allows you to swap between quarter inch tools to regular 1/8th inch Dremel tools; and every size in between and smaller.

  • Removes surface scratches, swirl marks, haze Also use for removing bugs, tar, and oxidation

  • Tool designed in a pen configuration with a steel disassembly and front sight tool . Anodized blue aluminum pen tool with two threaded caps that thread into the center body, with a black steel pocket clip. Hardened steel 3/32″ or 2.5mm punch tool for all . Designed to remove the pins and disassemble the Glock® frame, slide, and the magazine into their individual components. The opposite end of the tool includes a 3/16″ hex nut driver for removing/installing factory and aftermarket Glock® front sights. The 3/16″ hex nut driver features an internal magnet to conveniently hold the front sight screw as you install the front sight post. The pointed cap can be used to center the pins in the frame. Pointed cap can be screwed onto the pocket clip cap to prevent losing it when the tool is in use.

  • Glock disassembly tool Black finish The tool measures approximately 3 5/8” from end to end

  • This plate allows you to make adjustments without having to take the back plate off your gun every time. The plate is sectioned by 1/3 in height to permit viewing of the sear and firing pin engagement. This plate is slightly thicker in width than the OEM plate. This plate is made thicker in width because this thickness moves the firing pin leg slightly forward. Moving the firing pin leg effects where the trigger releases the firing pin. Moving it slightly forward gives you more adjustment of the Trigger Control Tab (TCT) once your thinner Glock black plate is reinstalled. More Adjustments may be required This plate is a virtual must for an easier error free installation of the EVO ELITE, ROCKET & TACTICAL. This is a Test Plate.

  • This is a great tool for users of aftermarket Stainless Steel or Tungsten guide rods. This tool helps you easily change and swap out your guide rod spring for a new one, or a different weight spring depending on your shooting needs or style.

  • The Present Arms Armorer’s Plate for Glock Pistols is ideal for the professional Armorer, Military, Law Enforcement or civilian who maintains the Glock series Pistol. Strategically cut to assist the armorer providing an ergonomic hands free work station for pin/part removal and complete disassembly of the firearm. Mission specific cuts to hold the frame left and right side down for pin removal / installation. The system comes complete with a universal magazine mount and swivel enabling 360 degree rotation and access for cleaning and repairs.

  • Venom Steel Nitrile Gloves Rip Resistant 70% Thicker Glove Size Fits Most